Hard To Watch

December 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

My thoughts are with my man Stash over at 98 Rock. He sustained several head injuries after a fall at his house last week and is in ICU. I used to DJ the bikini contests up at Fallston Station back in the day. Stash was the MC and I got a chance to know him over that time. He is good people and a legend around this way if you are a fan of Rock ‘N Roll. I have been listening to him since I can remember. Get well soon brother.

The past couple of weeks, I blogged about how it’s wrong to leave a game early. After last night’s performance, I don’t think I can put up a valid argument anymore. I have never seen that stadium that empty.

I stayed for the whole game but, I cheated. I was sitting in the club seats. Once it started pouring I went into the club level and sat on a couch and was watching on one of the HD televisions. Once the rain stopped, I went back to my seat. I looked around and saw 70 thousand empty seats. There were a few Colt fans talking trash. Normally, after a few beers, I would have had a nice comeback of some sort. Not last night. I was speechless.

This team has lost seven games in a row. The injuries are a huge factor on the defensive side of the ball. On the offensive side, there are no more excuses. Something has got to give.

On a side note, I attended two functions at Sports Legends at Camden Yards this weekend. I know if you are reading this, then you are a sports fan. If you haven’t been down there yet, make your plans to do so. Walking through the museum you get to see cool stuff like the Johnny Unitas display, Wild Bill Hagy leading the cheers, The Orioles 1970 and 1983 World Series trophies, and a look back at the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. My favorite attraction is a replay of Cal Ripken’s home run the night he became baseball’s Iron Man. You get to call the at bat, and then they replay it. I could stay on that thing for a month. I know the museum isn’t doing as well as they would like so, get down there and support a great local attraction.