Here They Com

June 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

I learned a valuable lesson in 2005. The O’s were atop of the AL East, while Boston and New York were both struggling. I took that time to bury the Yankees.

Then, one day, Tanyon Sturtze slapped me in the face, and snapped me back into reality. He made a comment saying that regardless of where the O’s were, the AL East would ultimately be decided by the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Fast forward to 2007. For all of you who were ready to throw dirt on the struggling Yankees, take another look. While the Red Sox come back to the pack, and Toronto and the O’s fail to capitalize, A-Rod and the Yankees are coming on strong. While they’re nine games back in the lost column from the BoSox, they are only five back from the Wild-Card leading Tigers.

While analyzing this, I ask myself a question. Is this more about the horrible state of baseball, or the horrible state of the Orioles?

Face it, if the O’s could have won some of those one-run games, we would be right in the thick of things. It’s time we stop talking about the illusive player who we cannot sign. We need to consider one very important thing. We aren’t going to sign that player. Trade someone. So what that player may only have one full-year remaining on his contract. That means he has something to prove. He may want to come here, play like a mad man and try to get this team into contention. It would be for his own benefit, but what do you care? Why do I care about four to five years down the road. I want to win now. Give me something to cheer for now. We are all kidding ourselves.

No, we can’t trade one of our young pitchers. No, we cannot get Texeira, he only has one year left one his contract. Who cares? Get him, win some games and maybe you can sign him. Isn’t it sad that a franchise doesn’t believe they can actually sign a guy after he’s already here? Are we afraid that he’ll see what’s going on behing closed doors and race to get out of here? If we REALLY had a plan, wouldn’t he want to stay, if the money was right?