Hey, Dean Hancock …. You Didn’t Blame Me !!!

May 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

Are you surprised Josh Hancock’s father is suing everybody in sight over the death of his son? I’m not; this is the American way. Our court systems are full of frivolous lawsuits and you can add this one to the pile. The sad truth is the defendants in this case are no more liable than the plaintiff, himself. Don’t be shocked if you hear a judge make this same assertion come trial time – if it gets that far.

Dean Hancock simply wants to blame someone …. someone who’s still alive. So, he’s dragging this “net of culpability” through the mucky incident of his son’s death. However, whenever he pulls this net to the surface, it still contains the same catch …. Josh Hancock, himself.

To suggest the restaurant (owned my Cardinals broadcaster, Mike Shannon), tow service or the poor kid who was having his car towed are somehow liable is absolutely ludicrous. Josh Hancock made the decision to get behind the wheel and take that fatal journey. Heck, if we’re going to cast broad reaching blame, why not assert the elder Mr. Hancock, himself, should have known about his son’s demons and reckless, negligent approach to social safety?

Somewhere, deep down inside his conscience, Dean Hancock has gotta know this is wrong. About a month ago, the Hancock family laid their loved one to rest …. but, did they really? Something like this only keeps the wounds fresh and there’s no real opportunity for closure and solace. The truth is this was a sad, tragic event …. but, it could’ve been worse; the crash could’ve claimed the lives of the tow truck operator, disabled motorist or a family in a mini-van. Ever think about that?

If Dean Hancock wants to blame someone other than his son, he should look no further than his employers. Yeah, I said this a few weeks ago …. and it resulted in some backlash from readers and a bit of recognition, nationally, on ESPN. But, the Cardinals and their management fostered and enabled this ill-spirited conduct. As I stated, they allowed their manager …. the guy who is supposed to be the leader to get away with this very nature of incident, a mere 38 days prior to Hancock’s death. Now, THAT is culpability, from a very moral perspective.

I’m not suggesting Dean Hancock should sue the Cardinals, Walt Jocketty or Tony LaRussa, but if he wants to wag a finger and admonish someone …. they’re legitimate targets. These are the folks that entertained such an environment and pattern of off-field behavior.

Dean Hancock’s efforts would be better suited for a cause intended to ensure incidents like this are minimized. He’s wasting his time and money …. and further damaging his late son’s credibility and memory. But, as I said, this is the American way …. blame someone else.

Perhaps, Mr. Hancock’s legal efforts are causing some short-term satisfaction, but he’s in for a fight …. one he can’t win. And, one he shouldn’t win.