Hmmm…is Ray still the voice of the Ravens

October 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

I ask this because if you read the SUN this morning you saw a quick article by Kevin Van Valkenburg about Ray Lewis’s comments last night. Two Quotes jumped at me…

When discussing the 2 and 1 with 1:49 to go in the game.

" As far as decisions, you have to let Willis McGahee touch the ball on one of those plays"


" You can’t make oranges be peaches. It doesn’t change. It will never change. That’s what Billick has to ask himself, why we keep putting ourselves in those situations. In the Cincinnati game, that cost us with those same decisions."


WOW! Maybe its just me, but I still think RAY RAY is the leader, voice and face of the Ravens.

Sounds like maybe Billicks act is wearing thin…and that can’t be good.