Horror Show Opener

September 11, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

I should have known this was not going to be a good night when at 530pm my HD cable box went out on the night of the Ravens opener…fortunately I was able to get the last one over at the Comcast office in Elkridge before they closed at 630pm and get set up in time to watch the Monday Night Horror…

Let me say one thing first: Kyle Boller did not lose that game for the Ravens tonight. If you think he is the reason the Ravens lost then you are a moron and you don’t know football. Whether you support Kyle or don’t like Kyle there were tons of plays to be made and not made in the game including a TERRIBLE call on Todd Heap on the TD Boller threw to him that tied the game. Steve McNair was the main reason the Ravens lost but there was plenty of blame to go around on offense.

I agree with Drew that the Ravens got a little too pass happy in goal-line situations, especially at the end. I mean why couldn’t the Ravens run the ball in at the end? Does Billick lack that much confidence in the run blocking?

As for Steve McNair, I thought he was just awful and this is now 3 bad McNair games in a row going back to last year. Granted he hurt his groin early in the game and aggravated it later which likely led to so many errant throws but he has got to better. The ball slipping out of his hand and going right to Cincy for a TD was terrible– Steve has got to protect the ball better. Of course it was raining at the time and we all know the Ravens can’t play in the rain. 

I know Kornheiser and company didn’t like the 3rd and 1 call that led to the INT that set up the go ahead TD for Cincy in the 4th but let’s be honest here – Derrick Mason was WIDE open –and McNair overthrew him. Granted I would have run there myself but McNair has got to make that throw.

There were alot of positives that came out of this game: The Ravens made 5 turnovers and really tied the game (did I say that was a bad call?? what was that ref thinking at the end??). That says alot about the ability and resiliency of this team. The defense was great. The only real TD they gave up was when Ray was in the locker room.

The bad news: Injuries!! I had pretty much figured JO was done for the year but if Ray Lewis really did tear his tricep then I don’t know how he plays the rest of the year. The guy is a warrior but that injury is serious and normally requires surgery. Let’s hope it isn’t a torn triceps but I fear it is. McNair likely has a bad groin and that won’t get better if he keeps getting hit. It looks like Boller may be QB’ing the next 2 weeks but the Ravens can beat the Jets and Cards with #7. BJ Sams gets hurt again in Cincy and that hurts because he was doing a great job on kick returns.

The o-line will only get better with these young guys and Musa Smith and McGahee ran fairly well.

And as Drew said: Ed Reed is just the man. What a game he played tonight!!

Emotions run high after a loss so people will be jumping off the bandwagon tomorrow but as I mentioned in my blog last week it is only 1 game. Of course it will sting worse if the Injury list doesn’t look good come Wednesday. Hang in there Ravens fans!!

If the Ravens can get healthy they will be in this thing right until the very end.