How To Have Fun Watching The Orioles Again

September 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

My friends and I were sitting down at Nabbs Creek Café last night, drinking a few beers and watching the O’s game.

Obviously, the games are hard to watch nowadays but we figured out a way to have fun while watching the game. It’s really simple.

There were 5 of us watching the game. Each one of us put up 1 dollar for every at bat. Then we all say what we think will happen in that at bat. If nobody hits, the money rides to the next at bat. Trust me, it’s the most fun that I have had watching the Orioles in a long time. Kind of pathetic, I guess, but it keeps you interested in every pitch and you get to have bragging rights over your friends.

Plus, I walked out 8 dollars richer.

The Orioles rotation for the next 4 games looks like this: Leicester, Burres, Zambrano, and Santos.


If Bill Belchick is guilty of stealing other teams’ signals and violating league rules, I think that may explain the Patriots’ success over the past 10 years with what was considered "not so great" players.

We have all heard that they are a great team, they play together, and they have chemistry, etc.

How about, they are freaking cheaters and knew what plays the opposing teams were going to do!!!

Is it me or has David Ortiz hit more walk off home runs then anyone in the history of baseball? He had another one last night against the D-rays. Seeing the Red Sox fans having that much fun sucks.

I admit it: I am jealous.