I Like the Orioles and Want to Drown My Brother- By Andrew Unge

May 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

Blogging for me is an arduous task.  Extracting the sane, pertinent thoughts from my twisted mind is not easily done…but here’s my latest attempt.

My brother’s recent blog entry "Sam Just Ain’t The Man" is in no way representative of my thoughts regarding my beloved Orioles.

I’m absolutely sick and tired of the attacks being launched at the Orioles by Marc and many of our listeners. Marc’s unflagging barrage of criticisms aimed at Perlozzo, Baez, Tejada, Huff and, especially, Gibbons are becoming obnoxious and I’m ready to drown him.
At the start of the season most baseball experts, as well as the majority of fans, predicted the team would finish around .500, fourth place in the division. Well guess what my brother… they ARE near.500 and in THIRD place.
My defeatist brother chooses to harp on their weaknesses while completely ignoring their strengths. Here’s what I see from my "glass is half full" perspective.
Eric Bedard is one of the best pitchers in the American League and will continue to get better. Daniel Cabrera has shown flashes of greatness and has improved over last year despite too many walks. Trachsel, the old man, has pitched better than anyone thought he was capable of at this stage in his career. Jeremy Guthrie in his 4 starts has a 2.95 ERA and nearly a 4-1 K/BB ratio.  He could end up being a true stud.
Granted, offensively, the team has struggled. But Markakis is starting to connect, Brian Roberts is batting above his career average as is Ramon Hernandez AND Miguel Tejada. As for Gibbons and Baez, not much I can say. They’ve both been equally horrible. but they can’t get any worse.
Getting rid of Perlozzo now would be a mistake. I say give him and the team time to right the ship. He started the season  without two crucial bats in Jay Payton and Ramon Hernandez and has suffered through the loss of pitchers Adam Loewen and Jared Wright. He’s managing a team that is simply not as talented as the top two teams in the division.
Give him a true cleanup hitter! THEN if the Orioles don’t compete I’m all for running him out of town.
Call me an optimist, call me a schmuck, just stop bashing the O’s and get off Sammy’s back!!!




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