I love the BCS and scoring by quarter

December 03, 2007 | WNST Staff

Let me just be the first to say that I have no problem with the match up that the BCS system produced today when it was announced the LSU and Ohio State will play for the National Championship.
Could not help but think when Joe Gibbs was penalized for calling back to back time outs and moved what would have been a 51yd field goal attempt 15 yards closer, what would the reaction be if Brian Billick had done the same thing ?
Looking at Monday night’s game, look at the amount of points each team has scored and give up in each quarter so far this season:
Patriots 🙁 offense)        Ravens (offense)
1st – 107                        1st-13
2nd– 138                         2nd-80
3rd– 76                            3rd-30
4th– 121                          4th-59
Here is the amount of points that each teams defense has given up by quarter:
Patriots:                       Ravens:
1st-24                           1st-43
2nd-62                          2nd-84
3rd-37                          3rd-60
4th-62                          4th-53