I loved that game…

August 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

I loved the Ravens-Giants game — I really did. The first string offense was flat. The O-LINE was in my opinion, lost. Gaither and Grubbs showed that rookies are well rookies. The defense, although not giving up many points, played way to fast and missed way too many tackles against a bad GIANTS OFFENSE, who were without their best WR (Plaxico Burress).

QB’s overthrew receivers … receivers dropped balls … the team was frankly bad! Except for Mike Anderson … he looked fresh and ran well. Suggs looked good as well.

So why did I love this game? Well, I loved the game because everyone — and I mean everyone — has said this was one of the easiest, non-eventful camps they ever saw. I was even tired of Casey making things up to talk about every 20 minutes or so. Brian Billick said before the game that he was worried that he had nothing to worry about.

Well … now you have plenty to be concerned and worried about. You have a game film to remind the team how they can’t play if they want to win a Super Bowl. For a team that according to NBC was very focused in the pregame warmups, they left that in the locker room.

One of my fears in the preseason was after the Philly game that they would roll through the preseason and think they were invincible. No worries there anymore.

Now some bullet points:

* We need a new number 2 QB. I am sorry Boller actually makes me ill when he is in the game. Give him a chance in another place … please.

* The O-LINE looked bad last night, but remember that was not the week 1 line.

Lastly, it was a preseason game … it meant nothing … so back off the bridge RAVENS fans! It will be ok … it really will. This was a good think to happen to this team … a very good thing.

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