I need some help

July 05, 2007 | WNST Staff

Ok, so here is my problem. Next Wednesday night, one of my favorite bands is playing at Merriweather. Yes I admit, Nickelback is one of my favorite bands, and plus I also like the group Staind, (who by the way play one of the better concerts I have ever seen). So my issue is that I am having trouble finding tickets.
See I thought the concert was on the 18th which is when I am on vacation, only after returning to Baltimore after an emergency trip back to Louisiana did I realize that it is next Wednesday. Ticketmaster only has lawn seats available, which is one of the bigger wastes of money in my opinion. I would be better off buying a Nickelback DVD and watching it outside in my back yard.
Of course there are tickets to be had through places, but you know how that goes, a $70 ticket is marked up to $245….thanks but no thanks. I do not mind paying a little extra, but in my opinion, that is a lot extra.
So this is where I need some advice/help. I am looking for two tickets to the show next Wednesday; I do not mind paying a little extra for the late notice, it is my fault for getting the dates wrong, as Spencer Folau has reminded me about 15 times already. Again, Spencer I know it is my fault, plus Ray Bachman is going to the concert which I think there has to photographic evidence of that occasion. He honestly still believes that his favorite group Saigon Kick is opening up for them.
Anyway, any advice, suggestions, pointing in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated.