I Stand Correcte

June 07, 2007 | WNST Interns

Earlier, on my show, I questioned Sam Perlozzo’s decision to start two left-handed hitters(Freddie Bynum and Jay Gibbons) against a left-handed pitcher. In addition, I question Perlozzo for starting Bynum with Chris Gomez while resting Brian Roberts and using Miguel Tejada as a designated hitter, all in one day.I thought Perlozzo should have done that on a day when a right-handed pitcher started, like the day before.

Turns out, Perlozzo’s move proved to be quite effective. The O’s pounded out nine runs on 16 hits en route to a win against the Seattle Mariners. This was the Orioles’ best offensive output since defeating the Kansas City Royals 9-1 last week. Perlozzo’s moves was actually just what the doctor ordered.

I questioned it on the radio. I even asked listeners to call in so that I could see things another way. Well, everyone who called, agreed with me. Perlozzo proved me to be wrong. Truth is, I’d love for Perlozzo to prove me wrong about a lot more in the very near future.