I stayed home tonight…

August 26, 2007 | Nestor Aparicio

Believe it or not, I had two tickets to the ORIOLES game tonight…and was actually gonna go…until Mother Nature got involved.

I was all set to do the Orioles game, tape the Ravens game and watch it later. I was going to do the "Raljon" thing tonight but just thought it wouldn’t be any fun.

The parking, the cost, the pain in the ass, the Redskins fans…who needs it? I also travel to EVERY game EVERY year so staying home just once and watching a game on TV is kinda fun. I NEVER get to sit at home and watch the Ravens on TV, so it’s weird.

So, we bailed on the Orioles when we saw the radar (two MORE unused tickets!).

It’s 8:21 right now.

MASN has ESPNews on.

MASN2 has the Nationals game on.

WJZ (slated for O’s game) has "Ghost Whisperer" on.

WBFF (slated for Ravens-Skins) has a low-budget show called "That’s Funny" on. My wife has been watching for 20 minutes, and she hasn’t laughed once. And she laughs at EVERYTHING (she’s married to me!)

Going to EITHER of these fiascos would’ve REALLY, REALLY sucked.

I’m sitting at home and I can’t get an update as to who, what, where, why or when from ANY of these TV "media" outlets…

"It’s just another Saturday night and I ain’t got no sports…"