Idiot of the Week- Clinton Portis (until tomorrow probably

May 22, 2007 | WNST Interns

There’s really not much I have to write here. The article speaks for itself. Or Portis does. And it speaks to why Bart Scott was wrong for questioning Roger Goodell in the Sunpaper article from a couple of days ago. The NFL does need someone to lay down the law. I’m glad that finally someone has stepped in to do just that. Here’s the link to Portis. Read it, watch it and then let’s talk…

Okay, so do you agree with Portis? If you do, all I can ask is that you never adopt a pet. What’s with the property thing? Interesting how some athletes seem to feel that if it’s their property they can do as they please. In some cases that’s even true of their wives and girlfriends. Read about A.J Nicholson yesterday who was "just grabbing for his cellphone". Or Keith Hamilton a few years ago who thought that since his son was "his" property, it was okay to beat him with an electrical cord. Need I go on?

I’m sickened by this article.

"You want to hunt down Mike Vick over fighting some dogs?," Portis told the television station. "I think people should mind their own business."

It starts with dogs and ends with what exactly?

Portis said that dog fighting is more common than people think.

"I know a lot of back roads that have the dog fighting if you want to go see it," he said.

Dog fighting is a felony in Virginia. You ponder the rest.

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