If you LOVE Charm City Hoops-Make sure to pay a visit to our beautiful Sports Legends Museum this weekend.

October 05, 2007 | WNST Staff

If you haven’t been to the Sports Legends Museum @ Camden Yards…Shame on you!
Don’t believe me check out Nasty’s WNST-TV video archives.
Better yet ,head down there this weekend for a celebration of Baltimore City Basketball ,presented by Sports Legends

When: Saturday, October 6th & Sunday, October 7th
10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: The Sports Legends Museum @ Camden Yards-301 West Camden Street (adjacent to O’s Park)
Tickets: Admission is FREE to all attending.

Why: Why Not?… No really — this is to showthe City’s rich history in basketball with FREE admission and programming honoring the Baltimore legacy at the collegiate-prepatory, and youth levels.

Info: Two full days of activities and panel discussions featuring guests from the B’more-B-ball scene. Outdoor b-ball skills contest for children.

Saturday, October 6th
1.30 p.m.–Remembering Charlie Eckman-Baltimore Sun Writer. Seymour Smith and Fred Neil will reminisce about the life and career of the late -.great local B-ball REF,Coach, T.V. and Radio Sportscaster.
3.00p.m.–Former Baltimore Bullet players, Phil Chenier, Mike Riordan and Walt Budko will take a look back at Baltimore’s NBA era.

Sunday, October 7th
11a.m.–Topic- REFEREEING; Buck Ward, longtime local REF will lead the discussion about being a REF and examines Baltimore’s local Basketball Scene.
1p.m.–“Hoops Hotbed” Former Terp Mens B-Ball Head Coach & Dunbar High’s Coach; Bob Wade will speak about Maryland’s great basketball tradition, at the Prep level.

** What more could you ask??
Need more info? Go to www.baberuthmuseum.com
Feel free to contact me, with all goings on in Smalltimore.