I’m as Hot as the Rockies…..Almost.

October 01, 2007 | WNST Interns

After going 5-2 (with a push) I am now 13-4 picking NFL games against the spread. It’s all documented. Just read my blog. If it weren’t for the Rockies, I’d be the hottest thing on the planet. (I don’t mean attractive, Brad Pitt, hot. Not that I think Brad Pitt’s hot…..oh never mind)
Thoughts from the NFL.
AFC WEST: The Chargers have problems. Denver isn’t that good. Does that mean KC or the Raiders will win the division?
Pittsburgh didn’t dress Hines Ward and lost Troy Pouloooumaaallouu (my spell checker came up but I swear that’s right) at halftime. It just goes to show what key injuries can do to make a very good team look average.
The Ravens and Eagles need to get healthy soon, or they will be watching all of January. The Eagles have the bye at the perfect time, but they may be too far gone.
With teams who were supposed to be good stinking up the joint, (you know who I mean, San Diego, Chicago, Phily, Denver, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Carolina) how likely is it that we will see teams such as Detroit, Arizona, Tennessee, Tampa Bay and Houston in the playoffs? What kind of odds would you have gotten on those teams in August?
Good for the Falcons.
I think Bill Parcels leaving the Cowboys was the best thing that could have happened to them. HE was the distraction. Isn’t it funny that you haven’t heard a thing about T.O. off the field this year. Nothing.
As an aside, did I hear that the Rockies would play the Phillies if they win today? I wouldn’t know who to root against. Seriously, if the Padres lose today, you have the Phils, Rocks, Cubs and D’Backs. There’s four sentimental picks and no villain. The Mets would have been that Villain. Without them, the rating will suffer. Hey, if the Yankees, or to a slightly lesser degree the Red Sox, move on to the next round then the ratings will be better, not just because there are Yankee and Red Sox fans scattered all over the country, but because there are Yankee and Red Sox haters all over the country too. Who hates the Rockies? And you show me someone who hates the Cubs and I’ll show you someone who swerves to hit squirrels in the road instead of swerving out of the way. OK, now back to football.
It’s a long season, but some of these NFL trends are going to continue. Which good teams gone bad are actually bad, and which bad teams pretending to be good aren’t really pretending? I’ll let you know some of them on Friday night when I give my picks for week #5. Did I mention that I’m 13-4 against the spread?