I’m Blaming Coach Billick …. And Marc Unger

October 01, 2007 | WNST Interns

Nestor just sent me a text message and asked if I was pissed. You’re damn right, I’m pissed. Today’s loss in Cleveland was littered with various reasons to be angered. The Ravens lost to an inferior team …. with far less talent …. and that’s inexcusable.

When considering damning factors, such as, bringing an unprepared team to Ohio …. sticking with a noticeably injured quarterback …. and tolerating a renewed lack of urgency when trailing in the final quarter …. I have no reservation in resting the result of this loss squarely on the shoulders of Coach Billick.

By the way, failing to get the red flag out of his pocket prior to the next play didn’t help. It’s easy to blame a coach …. and it’s usually unwarranted. However, when considering the above chronicled shortcomings, who else do we blame? Coach Billick is the very guy who can “tighten up” on the reins on an undisciplined team. He’s also the guy who can make a change at quarterback, as well as motivate the team into a “no huddle” offense, when prudent.

During my relatively brief stint at ‘NST, I’ve been a staunch supporter of Coach Billick. I’ve even labeled him “among the very best of NFL coaches.” I still believe this assessment. However, his team was unfocused today …. and their on-field performance was embarrassing. Being beaten by Derrick Anderson and his second tiered offensive corps of talent MUST serve as a sobering and humbling wakeup call.

Through four games, the Ravens have played lackluster, uninspired football. Regardless of their .500 record, and a “back to earth” game for the Steelers, today, the Ravens are not the best team in their division. And, they’re not even in the same stratosphere as the Patriots and Colts. Get it together, guys!!!!

On a lighter note, I’d like to personally thank Marc Unger for calling in today and “crowing” about his moneymaking prowess, as it relates to the world of wager. As a result of his spirited pitch and my gullible sense of trust, I’m poorer tonight than I was this morning.

Perhaps, it was the guarantee of a Texans win over the lowly Falcons, or the promise of a Dolphins cover against the Raiders. At any rate, I’m trying to think of a creative way of telling my wife I lost her breast enhancement money. What will I do? Marc, I’m expecting a rebound next week …. I wanna recoup my losses …. so that my wife can still get her additions!!!!

Hey, after today’s Ravens game, it helps to laugh a little bit.