I’m Packing My Bags …

May 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Today is the “NASCAR Study Session” for the WNST – Dover Team. I’ll be spending a few hours in the company of Katie Browne and some trusted friends, as we examine the state of the sport and the respective season, thus far, of each driver. We’ll be devoting time to formulating good questions …. in the event we land thirty precious seconds with Dale Earnhardt Jr. – I’d die if Katie asked, “boxers or briefs?”

I’m gonna do my best to ensure I don’t ask any questions containing the crutch phrases, “at any rate” or “no doubt about it.” At the same time, I’m certain Dale Jr. has answered every possible question regarding his free agency. Thus, I’d like to ask him a question or two regarding the hypocrites at Joe Gibbs Racing. You know …. Joe’s said he’d love to have Junior join his team, but Budweiser’s not allowed to tag along.

Are you kidding me? Let me get this straight …. Joe Gibbs had no moral aversion to participating in the “Crown Royal 400” in Richmond, a few weeks ago – and accepting that prize money. However, he doesn’t want Budweiser stamped on the side of his car? Luckily, for everyone at WNST, Nestor and Paul don’t have the same conflicted agendas.

I’d also like to ask Michael Waltrip if he has any plans this weekend …. he’ll be home, in Charlotte, by Friday night, right? Perhaps, we can track down Kasey Kahne and see if those stupid chicks from the commercials are tagging close behind. I know …. I’ll just look at Tony Stewart the “wrong way” …. that would lead to me getting chewed out in front hundreds of reporters …. uhh, no thanks.

Although, any of the above scenarios might be slightly humorous …. it won’t happen. Katie and I are looking forward to providing some valuable insight for the listeners, as well as readers. We’ll be blogging several times, each day, and submitting lot’s of pics. We’ll also chase down those elusive interviews …. maybe, we’ll get one of the big stars.

Gotta question? Email me by tomorrow ….