Incidental Thoughts …. Barry Bonds, Vince McMahon, Chris Daughtry, Kenny Chesney, Keith Olbermann and More ….

June 30, 2007 | WNST Interns

Usually, I keep my blogs spirited toward one general theme or topic. Today, I’m going all over the map …. covering an array of subjects. Of course, you’re about to encounter a plethora of opinion from a guy who possesses no good cause to question others. But, then again, I’ve got the stage. So here goes ….

I’ve often wondered if celebrities (sports and entertainment) ever miss their anonymity? Yeah, I’ve seen Sean Penn and Britney Spears push the paparazzi away …. but, they knew about this part of stardom when they broke into the ‘biz. Same thought goes for athletes who don’t sign autographs.

We’re on the verge of history …. Barry Bonds hit his 750th homer last night and is on Hank Aaron’s doorstep. Yet, nobody seems to really care. Do people associate Bonds with being baseball’s “WWE Hero” …. and a phony? Or, has his surliness cost him?

Speaking of the WWE, I’m convinced if there was a plane departing BWI later today, and bound for HELL, it would have some very notable passengers. Now, I’m not into judging people …. but, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vince McMahon seated in 1st Class. He’s enabled the destruction of many human lives …. in the name of greed.

Do you think Pac Man Jones caves to peer pressure from friends or really just doesn’t care about life and a career? That said, do you agree with Bart Scott’s comments regarding the heavy-handed discipline being rendered by Roger Goodall?

Although, I’m still a rookie in this business, I’m shocked and saddened to see media members virtually ignore the National Anthem in the Orioles press box. Next time you head to the park …. peer into the press box. Yeah, they stand …. but continue with their conversations and laptop punching while the music plays. DISRESPECTFUL. The irony …. the media are afforded their liberties due to the sacrifices of the very people and nation we honor during the anthem.

I’ve offered Drew Forrester a wager regarding the Yankees “being done” …. I haven’t been able to coax him into biting, yet. I suspect he still views them as dangerous and capable of making the postseason …. regardless of their current woes.

Are you concerned about the Ravens playing “back to back” road games on three occasions this year? Or, how about the matchup with the Colts on only 6 days rest?

Would you rather crack a cold beer with Steve Bisciotti or Peter Angelos? Duh …. I had to ask the question. Could you even imagine Pete drinking a beer?

I think it’s fitting that the biggest potential star from “American Idol” never won the contest. Chris Daughtry is on fire …. and a damned legitimate talent. It’s hard to believe America preferred that gray-haired, hucklebuck over Daughtry.

Speaking of music …. If you wanna have a good time and chill with some great entertainment, checkout Kenny Chesney at Merriweather on August 26th. Listen to me …. if you’re a single guy (or married for that matter) and HATE country music …. go anyway – you won’t be sorry.

Is horse racing over ‘til next May? Nope, it’s DEAD ‘til next May …. and there lies your problem.

I think Alex Rodriguez is arguably the greatest player of this generation. He’s simply in a class, alone. At 31 years old, he’ll have 500 homers …. end of argument.

I’m going to my first Orioles game of the season …. as a fan, tonight. I’m sitting in prime field box seats – between the dugouts, and in the first 5 rows. I’m paying less than face value. I don’t know exactly where I’ll be, yet. The “scalp-free” zone opens at 5pm ….

I suppose Jim Leyland will be flipping a coin to determine the Orioles’ All-Star …. heads is Brian Roberts, tails is Jeremy Guthrie ….

Finally, did you see Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick on David Letterman’s show, this week? It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since they co-anchored SportsCenter …. they were the best.