Indignation, Rumors and Daniel Cabrera..

April 27, 2007 | WNST Interns

Why did Perlozzo pull Cabrera last night instead of letting him work out of that seventh inning jam himself?

Why would Padres Manager Bud Black pull Jake Peavy out of the game against the DiamondBacks last night when he had 16 strikeouts, including 9 in a row, and had only thrown 117 pitches?  I know… I know…

“Pitch count, Marc!  Don’t you know these poor kids get tired easy now and their arms are as fragile as rose petals?”

PUHLEEEASE!  Jake Peavy is 25 years old and has good mechanics.  He could’ve stayed in that game, finished it and come out with a win.  Instead the Diamondbacks got homeruns in the eighth and ninth off the relievers and the Padres lost while Peavy failed to notch a win he should’ve had.  That’s oVERCOACHING.  I’m no big league manager but if I see a kid completely shutting down the opposition, I DON’T go to my bull pen.  Not unless the kid’s arm is literally dragging on the ground.  It was a dumb move.

Same goes for Perlozzo.  Although it does make a little more sense.  Cabrera walked five batters and was showing signs of fatigue.  Peavy wasn’t.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering- No, I didn’t have money on San Diego. I did have money on Arizona though so I guess I should probably thank Bud for making a poor choice.


Jimmy Rollins WILL NOT be the National League home run king this year.  Yeah, sure, he’s got eight and he did hit 25 last season but if you trade Pujols for him in your fantasy league, you’re making a mistake.


Slammin’ Sammy Sosa hit two homers today and now has gone deep six times in April.  I still hate the guy but clearly he’s got something left in the tank.

NFL DRAFT- Michael Bush

I was talking with Mike Florio from about Bush.  A lot of teams won’t take a chance on a guy who’s coming back from a badly broken leg.  What about Magahee or Frank Gore?  Are there any examples where a team DID take the risk on an injured player and got nailed because of it?  I couldn’t find one.  If anyone can cite an example of an injured player being taken in the first or second round who proved to be a “bust” because of that injury please let me know.  It’s a topic we plan to cover on this Saturday’s show.


Andrew has a nephew who works at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Pikesville.  The other night he claims he saw Troy Smith there.  In fact, he says he spoke to him.  Why would Smith be in Baltimore?  Meeting before the draft?  Just wanted a good steak?  Hell for all I know Troy Smith is FROM Baltimore!  Oh, and keep in mind, Andrew’s nephew is a kid who, when we asked him to go to the store and get a screwdriver, came back with a wrench. 

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