Injury update and looking deeper into losses

November 16, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Ravens got started with their last practice before Sunday’s game versus the Browns, and some familiar faces were not at practice:

Todd Heap (hamstring)
Dan Wilcox (ankle)
Steve McNair (shoulder)
Gerome Sapp (hamstring)
Chris McAlister (knee)

With McAlister it could be an issue of just giving him a day off after practicing for two straight days. I still wonder if his knee is healthy and how it will react to having to react to moves that Braylon Edwards would make during the game.

Take a look at the quarterbacks the Ravens have beaten: Jets — Kellen Clemens, Cardinals — Matt Lineart, Rams — Gus Frerotte, 49ers — Trent Dilfer.

Of those four quarterbacks, they have won a total of three games this year. All have been by Matt Leinart of the Cardinals.

All four of the teams that the Ravens have beaten have losing records:
Cardinals 4-5
49ers 2-7
Jets 1-8
Rams 1-8

Here are the records of the five losses for the Ravens:
Steelers 7-2
Browns 5-4
Bills 5-4
Bengals 3-6 (two wins over Ravens)