Inside the Octagon: An experts opinion on the Chuck Liddell – Quinton Jackson UFC PP

May 26, 2007 | WNST Staff

So I am having a real dilemma here at Camden Yards. The Orioles club house will open up in a few minutes, but the weigh-ins for the UFC PPV comes on television in a few minutes.   So I promised you that I would get an expert opinion on the fight this weekend between Chuck Liddell and Quinton Jackson and here it is.   John Rallo is mixed martial arts fighter who runs a school here in Baltimore called Ground Control-Baltimore Academy. John is 5-0 in MMA fights and also has a side gig that is not too bad either. He is the bodyguard for Tommy Lee of Motley Crue fame and the band Rockstar Supernova.   John is very knowledgeable in the sport of mixed martial arts and provided me with some things to look for in the fight Saturday night between Liddell and Jackson.   On each fighter styles:Liddell is a sprawl and brawler. He prefers to fight standing. He is
most effective when backing up and counter punching. He has great
takedown defense because he was a div 1 college wrestler. He went to
Cal Poly SLO. So Chuck is not just a striker.
Rampage is a wrestler who has learned to box and does it well. Very
strong. Loves to pick up and slam his opponents. Because of his
wrestling background his boxing is very inside based. He is very good
in the clinch. Uses short punches and his knees very well. This sets
up his takedowns. In the first fight with Chuck he beat him up with
his inside game.
  On each fighter’s strengths:

Chuck obviously has great power in his right hand and great ability to
defend the takedown. His weakness is he doesn’t do well when being the
aggressor, needs to counter to be effective. He also is very weak once
the fight does hit the floor.
Rampage is a solid wrestler who is freaky strong. His ground game is
average but if he puts Chuck on his back he will ground and pound him.
His boxing is solid and he can box with Chuck if necessary as he
showed in the first fight. Weakness if it is standing he does not have
the one punch power that Chuck has showed. He also lacks submission
ability. So if it hits the floor he will have to keep Chuck there to
be able to GnP (ground and pound) him.
  What to watch for during the fight:   Main thing to watch is see where the fight is fought. If it is on the
feet you have to like Chuck. If it is on the floor I like Quinton.
Also watch if Chuck is the aggressor or if he is waiting for the
counter. He is more effective as a counter fighter. Also watch if
Chuck can keep it outside. If it is a lot of clinching I like Rampage.
If Chuck keeps his distance he should win.
  John’s prediction for the fight: I am rooting for Rampage. I think he matches up well with Chuck. But I
talked to a few insiders who say Chuck is super focused. His training
went well, he is mentally ready to avenge his loss. Quinton on the
other hand has not been the same since his two loses to Vanderlei
Silva. He split from the trainer he had all of his success with (Colin
Oyama) and has not looked the same since the breakup. He has a new
trainer but my people say the level is not the same as it was with

Again thanks to John for his time while he is out on the road. You will be hearing more from John about the UFC and mixed martial arts. Be sure to check out John’s school Ground Control-Baltimore Academy.

I will be back later with some WNST staff predictions, and maybe an Orioles or Athletics prediction.   .