Inside the Octagon: Tonight is the big nigh

May 27, 2007 | WNST Staff

To say the UFC has arrived might be an understatement.
From the cover of ESPN the magazine to Sports Illustrated to everything in between, it almost has all focused on tonight’s PPV. Heck ESPN carried the weigh-in live on Friday, not to mention about seven different websites did also.
Tonight is when UFC finally gets its chance to shine on a national level. You will not be able to watch ESPN, or pick up a newspaper tomorrow that will not be talking about tonight’s fight.
This is one of the most highly hyped and pushed fights in UFC history, and a event that could push UFC over boxing.
So who is watching the fight? I have already planned out my evening surrounding the fight-sad but true.
Email me if you are watching the fight tonight. I would like to hear your expectations going to the event tonight. Are you watching it just to watch it? Do you have a rooting interest in the fight? How about a prediction? Really would like to hear them.
I have some predictions from some of the WNST staff that I will post a little later
Just found out that there is a show in Hollywood,Fla. on June 7th. I smell a special assignment.
Seriously really want to hear from you about your thoughts on the UFC –