Investment Ideas for NFL Week #5….and a Little Baseball

October 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

I know that right now the Yankees don’t look like a team that is going to force a game five, but if they would, they could do something that I would have to believe is unprecedented. Thanks to the new scheduling format, there would be a travel day between games four and five. Thanks to this extra off day, which never existed in the past, that Yankees could bring back Pettitte, they’re game #2 starter, to pitch game #5 on normal rest! That would mean that there is a very realistic chance that they would skip their “ace” is a game five. When was the last time someone’s legitimate number one starter pitched game one of a playoff series, and then got bumped out of his next start? I would say never. But of course, we need to get at least one Yankee win before any of this becomes interesting.
OK, on to football. After going 13-4 against the spread thus far in the NFL season, prognosticators are looking at me like they’re looking at the Green Bay Packers. Is it time to come back to Earth, or is the winning streak far from over? Sunday we’ll know. So here are this week’s magical six.
Detroit +3 ½ over WASHINGTON: I know that Detroit got pounded by the 1-3 Philadelphia Eagles, but that’s the only blemish on the Lions record. So the question is who is for real, the 3-1 Lions or the 2-1 Redskins? I’ll go with Detroit, especially since Moss is banged up for Washington.
JETS & GIANTS under 40 ½: The Giants defense has rebounded greatly and the Jets offense certainly isn’t one to light up the sky. And as bad as the Eagles were last week, their defense controlled Eli and company. Of the two touchdowns the Giants scored, one of them was on a fumble return. Both teams need this game and I think they will try to avoid making a big mistake early instead of making a big play early. This thing end ups 20-13.
Tampa + 9 ½ over INDY: I know it’s crazy to pick against the Colts at home, especially considering that the Bucs just lost their starting running back and an offensive tackle. But on the other side, the Colts are banged up as well. Also, you have to believe that the Colts may go undefeated at home, but they are going to have a scare or two along the way. I’m saying this is scare number one.
Seattle +6 over PITTSBURGH: The Steelers pounded some weak sisters to get to 3-1. While I think they are still a solid team, I think Seattle is pretty good too. The Steelers also lack production on the outside without Hines Ward. He didn’t play last week, and he is a maybe for this week. After watching them try to score last week without him, if he is anything less than 100%, their offense could struggle. Six points just seems like too much to give to a good team.
SAN FRAN & Baltimore over 35 ½: This one might not make sense to some people, but here’s my theory. Offensively, the Ravens move ball well, it’s just red zone problems that are slowing them down. So if the Ravens get into the red zone five times and get two touchdowns and three field goals, that 23. That means the Niners need 13. That’s one touchdown and two field goals. I know that the niners offense has done little, but the Ravens defense has given up lots. I just need them to meet in the middle. (Note: If you read this and say 23-13, then why didn’t you pick the Ravens?I don’t like the former assistant, former quarterback double whammy. Look what Whisenhunt did to the Steelers last week. Now, under no circumstances would I take the Niners, but this perfect storm prevents me from taking the Ravens)
GREEN BAY –3 over Chicago: I may be riding this wave a little too long, but explain to me why this game is only a field goal? Actually, let me try to explain. I think everyone is waiting for the Bears to turn it on. Well, they changed quarterbacks and that didn’t work. And let’s be honest, Brian Griese is no savior. Also, their defense is a little banged up. The Packers can’t run the ball, I’ll give you that, but what have the Bears done well? I can’t see any reason why anyone would take the Bears other than that they feel Chicago will win because they are desperate. I don’t think you can execute for sixty minutes on desperation.
There you go, six pretty ones. Do I still have the Midas touch? We’ll see on Sunday.