Investment Strategies for Week #3

September 22, 2007 | WNST Interns

TEXANS +6 over the Colts: I loved this one until I found out that Andre Johnson wouldn’t be playing. I’m still going to go with it though. The Texans are obviously feeling it, and the Colts aren’t a great offense outdoors. They won by two in Nashville last week, and their last loss to anybody was last season in Houston.
PACKERS +5 over the Chargers: No one believes in Green Bay. They won four straight to end ’06 and they’ve played pretty well to get to 2-0. For once, Farve’s defense can hang, so he doesn’t have to do too much. San Diego is lacking a big play threat on the outside, and maybe, just maybe, Phillip Rivers isn’t that great. Oh yeah, Norv Turner is the head man in charge. This slow start may not be a fluke. I don’t think the Packers defense in a fluke either.
PITTSBURGH/San Fran over 37 ½: Let’s look at this, 24-14 is 38 and that is a winner. Are you telling me that neither of these teams is going to get in the twenties? Really? Pittsburgh’s defense is good, but come on. Alex Smith, Frank Gore, is somebody hurt that I don’t know about. Maybe the weather is supposed to be really bad, but Pittsburgh ain’t exactly in Hurricane Alley.
RAIDERS/Browns over 40 ½: Cleveland just won a game 51-45. Enough said there. This year the Raiders are giving up points, and surprise, surprise, they are actually scoring some. Also, when you have bad teams you get big mistakes. Forced passes, stupid defensive penalties, bad special teams play. These things all lead to points. There will be two touchdown drives of less than twenty yards in this game. You watch.
Detroit +6 over PHILY: Could the Lions of ’07 be the reincarnation of the Tigers of ’06? I know that I picked Phily to win at least ten games, but they’re offense looks punchless. Losing Dante Stallworth has hurt a lot. Now Donovan, who I like a lot, is crying ‘woe is me.’ Not a good sign. The Eagles have also lost six out of his last seven starts. The only reason anyone would pick the Eagles to win big against a (dare I say it) good team is if you are a firm believer in the bounce back rule. However they didn’t bounce back last week. I think they win this by the skin of their teeth.
DEADSKINS/Giants over 40 ½: The Redskin’s offense is very Vanilla, but the Giant’s defense has a tendency to make offenses look good. Before, I think Gibbs was trying to keep his team in games hoping they could steal wins at the end. Now, they just might think they can win from the get go and try to take it at some people. And I ask you, who better to take it at than the Giants. On offense, the Giants have too many weapons not to make some plays, and besides, they are already desperate. Eli may throw it 50 times in this game.
Arizona +7 ½ over the RAVENS: I know this one won’t be popular, but I think this is a line of old stereotypes. First stereotype, the Cardinals always stink. Well they have a new coach, a few weapons on offense, and they’ve played two pretty good teams (Seattle and San Fran) down to the wire, winning one and losing one by three points each time. The second stereotype is that the Ravens are a dominant team, just like they were in ’06. They may get there, but they’re not there yet. Losing Trevor Pryce won’t help. And who’s going to quarterback? If it’s McNair, he will be under some heat that he has not felt here. When he arrived, he was the offensive savior. He was the one thing this team needed. Now, after watching him play week one, and after watching Boller play last week, if McNair struggles early, you are going to see action in the bullpen. Can McNair play while looking over his shoulder? We’ll find out. Either way, I just don’t see a blowout here.
So there you have it. Last week I was 3-1. This week I hope to go 4-3. (Of course I hope to go 7-0, but let’s be realistic) 4-3 would be good, 5-2 would be great, 3-4 would suck but we could live with it, and anything worse, I don’t even want to think about it.
Have fun and good luck.