Is Bill Maas a Gangsta?

July 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

PLUS Tonight’s Home Run Derby and Arena Football

You wouldn’t think so.  I mean he certainly doesn’t fit the profile.  But, then again, he did get busted the other night with a gun in his car, marijuana, cocaine AND Ecstasy.  Sure he’s no Pac Man Jones, not yet, but give him time.  Funny how this story hasn’t blown up all over the place.  It’s not even listed as a headline on the WNST site.  Makes you wonder.  I mean if this had been a current NFL player, it would be front page stuff. I’m sure someone would say that the reason this story isn’t getting more notice is because Maas isn’t a player.  Great.  Well here’s a question- who do you think is more well-known? Tank Johnson or Bill Maas? Chris Henry or Bill Maas?   

If you haven’t heard, "Stuttering" Bill Maas got pulled over in Peoria, Illinois and the cops found quite a little party pack in his Hummer. Maas and some chick were busted, of course, and one can only assume his career’s going to suffer.  Boo-hoo.  Hated him as an announcer.  HATED HIM!  He was one of the first of the Madden clones to emerge and his cadence was awful.  He was the king of cliches (until Darryl Johnston came along) and never, not once, offered insight of any value.  Now I understand why.  He must’ve had his mind on other things.

P.S- He was stopped by a roadside "safety check".  It’s a Fascist way of curbing crime and I’m against it.  But, still, the story’s amusing.

p.p.s- He had 28 Ecstasy pills and 6 grams of cocaine.  The man’s 45 years old!  "Hey, Bill, isn’t it time to get over the Jeff Spiccoli thing?" He’s stupid but you have to admire his constitution.


Last Saturday on our show, my brother Andrew got heated because Barry Bonds isn’t participating in tonight’s Home Run Derby.  Who cares?  I don’t need to see Bonds play carnival games.  I don’t care how many times he can "ring the bell".  Just hit one during the All-Star game tomorrow, Barry.  And a bunch more over the next couple of weeks.  I’m pulling for you- even if my brother isn’t.



If you don’t bet Arena football you’re making a mistake.  Witness last night’s game between Georgia and Philly.  The Soul were only a 7.5 point dog and lost by nearly 30 points!  Stuff like that happens in Arena all the time.  The linesmakers set the line using the ame set of stats they use in the NFL. Big mistake.  Arena Football is the one pro sport where a real student of the game has a BIG advantage over the linesmakers.  Usually.

Tonight, in the playoffs, the L.A Avengers take on The Chicago Rush.  Even though they’re in different divisions, there’s a lot of bad blood between these two teams. Look for Los Angeles to be overly confident after their late season win against Chicago.  The Rush are 10 point favorites and at home, where crowd noise and insanity rules, I expect Chicago to put a serious hurting on the Avengers.


Unless I’m wrong…

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