It is AUGUST…so IT’s Fantasy Football Time..

August 01, 2007 | WNST Interns

Thank god….The drafts will start…the banter will begin…and some dude or dudette that doesn’t know a football from a golf ball wins your league or contest…always happens…always will…

But this is great news for all of WNST’s listeners, because within the next few days…WNST will launch their version of Fantasy Football….and whether you think you are an expert or if you have never played before…you can win some great weekly and grand prizes, so please look for it on WNST.NET and sign up…

You will get advice from me on Fridays on the Rob Long Show and from Thyrl Nelson every week on his show from 4 to 7 Saturdays….

Thyrl posted the other day his QB rankings:

which to be reminded were: top 15 only…

1. P. Manning
2. C. Palmer
3. T. Brady
4. D. Brees
5. D. McNabb
6. M. Bulger
7. P. Rivers
8. M. Hasselback
9. M. Leinart
10. J. Kitna
11. T. Romo
12. E. Manning
13. V. Young
14. J. Cutler
15. B. Roethlisberger

Well my friend…we agree for the most part:

I go like this….

1. P. Manning
2. C. Palmer
3. D. Brees
4. T. Brady
5. M. Bulger
6. J. Kitna
7. D. McNabb
8. P. Rivers
9. T. Romo
10. M. Leinart
11. V. Young
12. B. Roethlisberger
13. B. Farve
14. M. Hassleback
15. E. Manning

Two people we disagree on is Jon Kitna and B. Farver/J. Cutler…

My points are these:

1. Kitna threw for over 4,000 yards and 20 TD’s last year…now he has Calvin Johnson opposite Roy Williams…as well as Tatem Bell and T.J. Ducket to replace Kevin Jones if he can’t go. So I expect him to still throw for over 4,000 yards and have a few more TD’s and a few less INT’s….Plus a second year under Mike Martz can’t hurt.

2. Green Bay is a bad football team…and will be behind a lot…and have to chuck it a lot…which puts more numbers up for your fantasy football team.

3. I like Cutler…just want to see more of him before I put him in the top 15…we know Denver is a run first team and as of this Blog…only Javon Walker is a proven pass catcher in Denver….he’d be a number 2 on my team for sure…

Now a few thoughts:

A. LT is by far the number one pick this year…but he will not be the highest scoring player in FF..NOT BE

B. This years Marques Colston will come from this pool of players:

Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG – RB), Jacoby Jones (HOU- WR), Jason Hill (SF – WR), James Jones (GB – WR), Mike Walker (JAX – WR), Laurent Robinson (ATL – WR), Lorenzo Booker (MIA – RB)….there you go…take a chance…

C. My favorite WR sleepers this years are Kevin Curtis and Wes Welker….

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