Its All Billick’s Fault?! Please!!!

September 12, 2007 | WNST Interns

Are you kidding me? People are blaming Brian Billick’s play calling for the Ravens loss at Cincinnati Monday night. McNair and McGahee fumbling the ball is Billick’s fault? McNair overthrowing Mason is Billick’s fault? McClain and Heap dropping TD passes was Billick’s fault? How about the players execute? Heap catches that pass 999 times out of 1,000. How about injuries to their best defensive player, best offensive lineman, the teams QB, and their return man? Think that had anything to do with it?

The Orioles lost again last night. That makes their 17th loss in their past 20 games. Their pitching may be the worst that I have ever seen since I started watching baseball. I always thought that Terry Matthews and Nate Snell were bad. They look like Cy Young and Jim Palmer compared to some of these guys. Will the losing ever stop? I cant wait to hear the BS they are going to throw to the fans again during this offseason. For the record, the Orioles still haven’t commented on Jay Gibbons. What a joke … take some responsibility.

Buffalo Bills TE Kevin Everett had voluntary movement in his arms and legs yesterday and there is only a small amount of swelling on his spinal cord. Doctors are optimistic that he will walk again. That’s great news after the catastrophic injury that Everett suffered on Sunday. Makes you think about how dangerous football is and how quickly things change. Best of luck to Kevin, let’s hope the good news keeps coming.