It’s My Birthday …. And I’m At Dove

May 31, 2007 | WNST Interns

So, I woke up this morning in my luxurious suite overlooking the Dover International Speedway …. and I realized …. I’m 40 years old. As a birthday gift, my wife booked these terrific digs for a couple nights. I celebrated the arrival of my 40th birthday in GRAND STYLE. I was in bed, watching ESPN …. minding my own business …. and said, we gotta go downstairs to the casino and celebrate when the clock hits midnight !!!!

I arrived at about 11:55 and went directly to the bar. I ordered a bottle of Bud (official sponsor of NASCAR) and a “girlie-drink” for the wife. I proceeded to inform the bartender that I’d be 40 years old in about 5 minutes. He said, “Great …. that’s $8.50”. I piddled around the slot machines until the magic moment arrived.

At midnight, we made a toast …. I was “up” about $40 – thanks to a semi-generous nickle machine, and life was good. Then, my wife suggested I play the “$5 Machine” (as in $5 per spin) to celebrate my big-day. She further encouraged me to just put a $100 bill in the machine and play it. After all, this was a momentous occasion.

Well, about 15 minutes later …. I accepted the harsh reality that I was a mere $400 poorer …. thanks to the freakin’ $5 slot machines. Those “one armed – vacuum cleaners” left me feeling used and abused. Do you realize how much fun I couldv’e really had with 400 bucks !!!!

It’s about 8 hours later and I’ve had a good night’s sleep. I’ve peaked outside and noticed the track is coming to life. Today is the parade of race car haulers. People will literally line the streets leading to the racetrack – in anticipation of their favorite car’s hauler. Yes …. these tractor trailers are painted up just like the respective cars they haul. The Jeff Gordon hauler will be trashed with everything imaginable …. it’ll need a good washing by the time it gets here.

At any rate, the casino is now open and I’m gonna hit the nearest ATM. After all, it’s May 31st …. my birthday, so I can do anything I want !!!!