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July 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

Congratulations, Mr. Snider, on a job well done.  Your writing is extremely effective and your arguments strong.  Thank you for reminding me that the notion of "innocent until proven guilty" isn’t actually found in the Constitution.  However, I learned that fact in 9th grade and was merely trying to avoid boring our five readers to death with the long history behind this particular legal principle.  In fact, while our Constitution does not specifically mention the notion, I direct you to the Bill of Rights where Amendments IV thru VI clearly highlight the principle without stating it specifically. 

For those who are interested here’s a link you might enjoy:

Now based on your last blog, I assume you believe that anyone who gets arrested for drunk driving should also lose their job, right?  After all you mention the family in the mini-van who gets hit head on by the stoned Utz potato chip truck driver.  That family is much more likely to be hit by someone who’s been drinking than someone who smoked marijuana. 

The point is driving while impaired is SERIOUS and no one should dispute that.  But it’s done all the time.  Why should a football player lose his job forever for the same offense others might only suffer the legal consequence of a suspended license or an alcohol awareness program?  More importantly, are the numbers of NFL players who get arrested for driving under the influence higher than the norm? Finally, on this point, do NFL players deserve your ire or are they, in the end, flawed humans no different from the rest of us?  We can debate this on Saturday. 

As for drug-testing, I oppose it.  Except for my surgeon or the guy flying my plane.  Kidding.  I oppose it in all forms but we’re a sports station and this probably isn’t an issue you and I should address on the air.

I look forward to pointing out the weaknesses in your argument that Troy Smith was wrong to question Roger Goodell and should instead question the players who have caused this "zero tolerance" policy.  I’ll leave it there for now and anxiously await Saturday when I’ll ream you a new-

Btw, being able to talk back to a cop for the first time in my life is REALLY fun.

Onto other things…



I’ve written about this before and, if you missed it, here’s a piece I wrote a few weeks ago…

I’m excited by this.  To me watching Bonds play baseball at such an extraordinary level is a treat.  He is the single greatest baseball player of all time.  I really believe that.  He has tools that neither Aaron nor Ruth ever had.  I was taught by my father at a young age that Willie Mays was the greatest ever and he was… until Barry Bonds.

I’m sure many of you disagree.  In fact, everyone I know disagrees with me.  Even my own brother.  But let’s look at some facts…

1. Bonds is the all-time leader in walks.

2. Bonds is also the all-time leader in intentional walks. Aaron is second but trails him 645-293.

3. Bonds is 6th all-time in on-base percentage  with .443.  Aaron is .374 and Mays is .384

4. Bonds has 509 stolen bases.  Mays has 338 and Aaron 240.

5. Bonds is 5th all-time in slugging percentage, way ahead of Mays and Aaron.

6. Aaron has more Rbis but he played on teams that scored more runs.

7. The fielding edge probably goes to Willie Mays although Bonds is VERY close.  Mays won 12 Gold Gloves while Bonds has won 8.

It’s a shame we forget about Barry Bonds’ talent before the steroids issue emerged.  It’s also a shame that he has done so much to damage his reputation.  But if you can push your bias aside and just focus on Barry Bonds the athlete, is there really anyone else better?


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