Jack Milani of Monaghan’s Pub discusses power of community during coronavirus crisis

March 26, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was a pleasure having Jack Milani of Monaghan’s Pub join Nestor this week. Monaghan’s is a Catonsville institution and we wanted to check in to see how he is holding up with his business during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are doing carryout,” Milani said. “People are looking out for us. It’s kind of a food feeling, forget the dollars obviously they are important, but it’s nice that my wife and my partners wife and their families and our friends and people (are supporting us).”

Milani is thankful for the support his community and loyal customer base has shown, and hopes that it will be enough to hold things together until this crisis passes over. As with all business owners, there are many people counting on Monaghan’s remaining open and profitable during these tough times.

“We have 23 employees, long-term employees that enjoy benefits,” Milani said. “We just want to get through this and try to minimize the damage for us and our employees. Hopefully with the kind of support that we’ve noticed since this started from our community and friends – it’s not going to be easy but I’m positive, I think you go in and play the hand that you’re dealt and do the best you can.”

To hear Jack Milani’s full conversation with Nestor Aparicio, listen here: