Jared Goldstein says Virtual Health PT treating patients virtually at home or office

May 11, 2020 | WNST Audio

It is always a pleasure catching up with our good friend and partner Jared Goldstein as he joined Nestor to discuss his new initiative, Virtual Health PT.

“Virtual Health PT is a virtual physical therapy practice,” Goldstein said. “The thing we heard all the time, or I heard from all my colleagues, is how can you do this remotely? How can you do this over an iPad or phone or laptop? There’s about 80 percent of our population that we can treat while they’re sitting at home.”

While Jared had been involved in virtual medicine for quite some time now, the coronavirus pandemic has caused everyone in the industry to become more aware and accepting of the practice.

“Things are changing in every direction,” Goldstein said. “Obviously telemedicine has become a mainstream term. It has not been utilized to its fullest extent at all, but it is going to change healthcare in the future moving forward.”

We encourage everyone who has a need for or questions about physical therapy to reach out to Jared Goldstein and his team at Virtual Health PT. We trust Jared with all of our PT needs here at WNST and Baltimore Positive and we encourage all of you to do the same.

“We treat all types of orthopedic injuries, any nagging injury, low back pain, we can take care of all of it,” Goldstein said.

To hear Jared Goldstein’s full conversation with Nestor, listen here: