Jeff Elkin of Advance Business Systems talks change in business strategy due to coronavirus

March 25, 2020 | WNST Audio

Pretty much every local business owner is having to adjust their strategy and outlook during this coronavirus crisis, and our long-time friend Jeff Elkin of Advance Business Systems is no different. He joined Nestor to discuss the effect that this pandemic has had on his business.

“Obviously, these are unprecedented times,” Elkin said. “Like everybody else, we are figuring out how to navigate through them. This is a moment in time and there will be something on the other end, and we plan to be here and be stronger than ever when all is said and done.”

While many people may remember ads for Advance

“We go back to 1964,” Elkin said. “Our parents both started the company. At the time, we sold things that were crucial to businesses such as typewriter ribbons and carbon paper and things that most of your listeners probably don’t even know what they did. We’ve consistently evolved through the years and for many years and through this day our business was primarily based on printers and documents – anything that moved documents through organizations”

Like most successful business owners, Elkin has shifted his company’s strategy to evolve with the times, and that is helping Advance continue to stay busy during these uncertain moments.

“Several years ago we made this shift as well to go into what we call managed IT services where we literally become the IT arm of our customers,” Elkin said. “That’s the part of our business that right now, while the document side of our business has seen a huge drop over the last week or so, the IT business is still very busy because everyone is trying to figure out how we go from on premise to remote in record speed and keep their businesses alive through this. Our IT folks have been working literally around the clock to help our customers with that transition.”

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