Jonathan Schwartz of the Modell Lyric is staying Baltimore Positive during pandemic

April 12, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was a pleasure having Jonathan Schwartz of the Modell Lyric on Baltimore Positive with Nestor and Don. While the Modell Lyric is shut down like all other non essential businesses in Baltimore, he is staying positive and looking forward to when things get back to normal for all of us.

“We were already working on our fall programming,” Schwartz said. “What could be really exciting for our venue is if there our programs that we would have had earlier in the year that get moved to later in the year, plus the artists who are going to be touring later in the year, we really think when we come back that we are going to have some tremendous programming that will excite the people of Baltimore, and as Don Mohler said, excite the people in the surrounding counties to come into Baltimore.

The Modell Lyric has been an institution for many, with Nestor and Don taking turns sharing their own favorite Lyric stories from over the years.

“The Modell Lyric is 125 years old,” Schwartz said. “It is a place that people from Baltimore of all ages have been to. We certainly have put on some tremendous performances and a diversity of performances…we have something for everyone.”

Nestor, Don, and Jonathan had a great chat that we encourage all of you to listen to. And of course, when things get back to normal and our society reopens, we urge you to check out one of the many upcoming great performances taking place at the Modell Lyric.

“We’re looking forward to getting back into business when we are able to,” Schwartz said.

To hear Jonathan Schwartz’ full conversation with Nestor, listen here: