Just Say No …. To Mark Teixer

June 07, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m gonna respectfully dissent from some of my ‘NST brethren on the Mark Teixera issue. Don’t get me wrong, I think Teixera is a good player, and the hometown ties soften the heart, a bit. But, trust me, with Scott Boras in the mix …. hometown ties will not translate into hometown discount.

That said, Teixera just isn’t worth the $15+ million, per season, he’ll command. Teixera is a really good ballplayer, both offensively and defensively. However, his inconsistencies in raw power, over the past two seasons, concern me. Remember, he’s the same guy who hit just 9 homers over the first 88 games of the 2006 season. Am I saying the tremendous 2005 campaign was a bit of an aberration …. yeah, I guess I am.

We exist in an era of “suspicious minds” when considering the legitimacy of any player’s production. Am I accusing Teixera of any wrongdoing? No. But, to question his diminished power numbers is prudent and logical. He’s simply a key ingredient in a long-listed recipe of major league players who enjoyed a sparkling 2005 season …. but have failed to match or approach such stellar statistics, since then.

Take a closer look at Teixera. He’s benefited from playing in one of the most hitter-friendly parks in all of baseball. He’s also smack dab in the middle of a lineup that has featured some really good bats. Thus, pitching around him has not always been a reasonable option for opposing hurlers. Conversely, pitching around him would be very likely in a Baltimore Orioles lineup.

Has anyone ever considered the money devoted to the position of first base, if the Orioles acquired Teixera? What’s gonna happen to Aubrey Huff if Teixera comes here? Huff is already the first baseman. By the way …. for all the “pie in the sky dreamers” out there, Huff is earning $8 million in 2008 and 2009. So, he’s not riding the pine or getting traded.

A buddy pointed this out …. take Teixera’s potential single season earnings, at $15+ million and Huff’s $8 million and combined we’re talking Alex Rodriguez money. Who would you rather have …. A’Rod or Teixera/Huff? It’s a no-brainer. Besides, Huff is already on the team. In essence, if they’re gonna spend $15+ million, per year, then “dream the REAL impossible dream.” Forget Teixera – he’s had one dominant season – bring A’Rod to Baltimore.

Here’s the bottom line …. no dreaming or wishing …. Mark Teixera is represented by Scott Boras. Absent of the world’s end or a trade to the Yankees, Teixera is gonna become a free agent after the 2008 season. He will absolutely go to the highest bidder. Remember, we just witnessed the Red Sox dish out $50 million for the mere rights to sign a pitcher who’d never appeared in a big league game, prior to 2007.

Another factor is the embattled Jason Giambi is also a free agent after the 2008 season. Thus, the Yankees will surely be shed of him, regardless of steroid admissions, pituitary gland ailments, or whatever. There will be additional prime targets on the market, as well. Carl Crawford, Vladamir Guerrero, Travis Hafner and Manny Ramirez will join Teixera as free agents, as we approach 2009.

Available pitchers will include, Johan Santana, Jake Peavy, John Lackey and C.C. Sabathia. It’s gonna be a star studded class …. and the market will be in a frenzy. Of all these potential free agents, only one is represented by Scott Boras, and it’s Mark Teixera. Thus, Mr. Boras will have lots of time to concentrate on Teixera’s destination.

This is not the “Albert Belle” era and the Orioles are not outbidding the Yankees or Red Sox. Let’s face reality. Do you really wanna trade away some top flight pitching talent to rent Teixera for about 15 months? This is exactly what will happen …. it’s not worth it.

Be responsible, folks. Mark Texeira will be a free agent following the 2008 season. Can you imagine the price tag Boras will attach to his stick if the mere thought of signing him prior to his free agent window opens? It’ll be outrageous and illogical.

Let’s just face the truth, this team probably WON’T spend such high dollars on any single player. If, for some strange reason, they would …. then make it the Yankees current 3rd baseman. Unlike Teixera, he’s worth it.