Just thoughts on a Friday…

August 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

1. I think the O’s will sign Matt Wieters.

It’s more of a hope that they will…because as a life long Baltimore Orioles I want to believe things will change, I don’t want to give up, I don;t want to pick a new team to follow…please give me a reason to care again…show me you care.

2. Did I just see Penny Hardaway sign with the HEAT?

Who knew he was still playing? I thought I was back in 1997 yesterday as both Penny and Reggie Miller were in the NBA news…is the league that short of talent?

3. The NFL pre-season is way too long!

I know….way to go out on a limb. Watching the first pre-season games makes me want more and more…but its still a month until the Ravens first meaningful game. I still think Jon Kitna will be a stud QB this year….and Calvin Johnson will be scary good.

4. The O’s made 2 trades yesterday.

Let me see if I understand this. The O’s traded Gomez and Parrish in what management said was a desire to get younger. OK…I have to process this…Parrish is a lefty, who looked great early, terrible late so we gave up on him for a 25 year old AAA OF, who is NOT a prospect. Then we sell Chris Gomez, a professional baseball player, who is the best utility guy we have and maybe the best pinch-hitter we have for $20,000. I guess the joke of trading someone for a bucket of balls really happens, because that is what they did. Sorry I don’t get either trade. I know it will not matter and I know Gomez will not be here when the O’s are finally good, but why just give him away, unless you already have a wink in place that he is coming back next year?

5. I am going to miss Chicken Box Friday for the last time today.

I am taking my 3 yr old son to see the Wiggles. My stomach is already mad at me….I think I will have to go to THE ROOST sometime this weekend to make up for today. Spencer please take it easy on the dessert this week.

The WNST FANTASY FOOTBALL CONTEST is really coming next week…great prizes..I mean great prizes…every Ravens fan should want to get in on the contest….Also the in-house WNST Fantasy Football League is holding their draft next week….so I am sure the smack talking will begin shortly thereafter.

Have a great weekend!

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