Just What I Expect

April 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m really sick of this. It seems that every so often we must deal with people like Don Imus. To have to put up with his racist comments are one thing, but to have to stomach his apologies are down right brutal.

Imus absolutely meant every word he said. He knows what a “nappy head” is. He knew it before he said it, that’s why he said it. He knows what a “ho” is, that’s why he said it. Just don’t insult us with your empty apologies. Don’t go on radio and television shows and tell us that you didn’t mean it to be an insult. You absolutely meant it as an insult, that’s why you said it. There is no possible way that any part of your comment could have been intended to be a compliment.                                               

The major problem is that people like Don Imus feel as if they can make comments like this and get away with them. They feel this way because they can.

Imus has been making comments such as this for years. He’s done it and no one has said a word. At least no one important enough. The fact is, in this business, as long as someone is willing to write checks and financially support your show, you will not go anywhere. That’s the sad commentary of our society. There aren’t enough people who truly care about racism that matter.

Imus will serve the two week suspension that CBS gave him and come back even stronger off of the momentum of this publicity. There will be millions of people who will hide behind the ole “freedom of speech” tag and say that they disagree with him, but  they respect him because he did not hide.

Imus spoke those words because they were on his heart. If no one would have expressed any negativity, he would not apologize. He’s trying to continue to cash the checks that he gets on payday. This is not about remorse, it’s about saving face.

As for CBS, they could not care less that Imus offended those young ladies from Rutgers. They cannot fire Imus because of the publicity that was generated behind this. They checked with their corporate sponsors and found that no major money will be “pulled” away. If so, Don Imus will be fired. This two week suspension is a joke. Imus will use that time to make as many appearances as possible to stay in the public’s eye. He will profit for what just took place.

So, what did you really expect? You knew it was going to play out this way. I did. Please, don’t tell me what year it is. I know, it’s 2007. People aren’t suppose to feel that way. But they do, and if Don Imus keeps his job people will continue to articulate how they feel and get away with it. I’m not disappointed or shocked. I’ve grown accustomed to this.