King Gibson in Cleveland plus ‘Clemens and Me’ and O’s update

June 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

I didn’t think the Cavs were ready for the NBA Finals.  Not yet anyway. Sure Lebron would get them close but, against the Pistons, playoff experience would prevail.  Not in Game 6.  Not when it counted most. In this game a rookie named Gibson, who averaged less than 5 points  during the regular season, put up 31.  That might even be a more impressive feat than King James’ 48 a few nights ago.  The Cavaliers also  managed to pull down 53 rebounds, 20 more than the Pistons.  I never saw that coming.  Neither did Detroit. 

And so Cleveland moves onto San Antonio while Detroit spends the off-season trying to hold together a team that’s managed to make it into the Eastern Conference finals 5 straight times. Next year they won’t.  With the probable loss of Billups and Webber, they’ll be rebuilding. It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that plays in a city that hasn’t seen a major championship victory since the Browns won in 1964, who’ll be the favorites in the conference.  Congratulations Cleveland.  Now, to paraphrase Bill Russell, "go make the east proud."


I can relate to Roger Clemens.  Well, okay, not really.  I mean the guy’s making 4 million dollars a month which is roughly $3,996,000 more than me but what I CAN relate to is groin problems.  It happens ALOT in your forties.  Hell these days I can pull my groin getting off a bar stool or making a U-turn too quickly. 

Apparently so can Clemens.  Okay, sure, he pulled his while pitching but that’s what he’s paid to do.  And he’s supposedly in great shape.   Why not announce me as Monday’s starter against the White Sox? I’ll do it for a 100 bucks. And then right before game time I’ll pull up lame. Just like Roger did.  "Hey, Brian Cashman, just make sure my check clears, ya hear me?" 


Not much to say about last night’s loss.  Trachsel can’t be expected to sparkle every outing.  It would’ve been nice to see the Orioles score some runs but, if you’ve noticed, it’s not something they do particularly well. 

Four runs a game just isn’t enough in the American League.  They rank 9th in the league in runs scored and average 4.4 per game. That’s bad folks.  By comparison, the Angels, a team known for pitching, average 4.6. The Yankees and Red Sox each average around 5.5 runs a game. That’s 1 more run per game than the Birds.  It’s been solid starting pitching and defense that have kept the Orioles this close so far.  We all know that SO…

Mark Teixeira where are you? 

Speaking of whom…

what would the Orioles have to give up to land this guy?  The Rangers need pitching.  BOY do they need pitching.  Who’s expendable?  The last thing I want to see is the Orioles give up any of the starting arms on the roster.  None of them.  I’m tired of it.  If you look around the league, past and present, you’ll find too many great pitchers who once pitched for the Orioles. 

We need the bats, but we need the arms as well.  Who goes?

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