Kurt Schmoke says UB was uniquely prepared ahead of coronavirus pandemic

May 03, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was our pleasure welcoming former Baltimore mayor and current University of Baltimore President Kurt Schmoke onto Baltimore Positive as he caught up with Nestor and Don during these difficult times.

“Certainly being mayor was good preparation for what’s in front of us right now,” Schmoke said.

As the President of UB, Schmoke believes his institution was inherently better prepared than most colleges given their unique circumstances.

“We were really prepared for this type of a crisis mainly because, way before coronavirus came up, half of our academic credits were being given online,” Schmoke said. “In fact, UB started having a fully online program in 1999…so we were better prepared than I think some other places. Also, of course, unfortunately over the years, we had to get rid of sports so we don’t have intercollegiate sports or residential dorms. We have great academic programs both in class and online right in the heart of the city. So we were better prepared than I think a lot of the other places to address this particular crisis.”

To hear Kurt Schmoke’s full conversation with Nestor and Don, listen here: