Laughing at the BCS (Mature Audiences Only)

December 09, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

Once again it is early December and the inevitable criticisms of the BCS and the annual cry for a Division I college football playoff are filling the internet and sports talk show airwaves. I don’t know about you, but a week ago Saturday it looked like we might have one of the worst ever BCS title games when Missouri and West Virginia were sitting one and two in the overall standings. I’ve heard many of the discussions about the BCS and have been fortunate enough to find an analyst who seems to be on top of things. This clip from Carl below is definitely the one that did the best job of analyzing the BCS when it looked like Missouri and West Virginia were headed for the title game: 

Fortunately for Carl and the rest of us, both Missouri and West Virginia were both knocked off leaving us with a title game featuring Ohio State, from the overrated Big Ten, and two loss LSU. Now I wrote in my Vegas blog back in September that I thought LSU was the best team in the country (Casey will enjoy hearing that again) but the fact that a two loss team is in the national title game adds an enormous amount of fuel to the fire for the “we need a playoff” debaters. By the way, here is what Carl thinks of the final BCS standings (Michigan fans will really like this one):…16a08b42b80005

Personally, I think Carl has this situation pretty much nailed. Is there any way we can get Carl to replace Keith Olbermann on Sunday Night football? What do you all think?