Lazy Sunda

May 07, 2007 | WNST Interns

A truly solid day of sports viewing from the residence. 

I watched the Orioles fall to Cleveland while jumping back and forth with the Nets – Cavaliers Game 1.  Although I’m a much bigger college basketball fan, I have to admit a growing interest in the NBA.  Especially with the playoffs entering the second round.  And knowing that Jason Kidd averaged a triple double in the first round, I was compelled to keep an eye on things. 

As the Birds continued to trail, I also found the PGA while working out the remote.  After seeing Tiger’s eagle on #7, I figured the drama was over with.  And it pretty much was.  Although it looked as if the final three holes at that place were designed by a very angry golf course architect.  It always pleases me to see a course that can humble even the greatest players.

Then there was Spurs – Suns.  Now you can dismiss the NBA as a league of over-hyped under-performing players, but if you’ve never watched Steve Nash and Phoenix, or Tony Parker and San Antonio, you at least need to watch one half.  These are truly two of the most dynamic point guards in the league, and not only do they push their teams, but they force their opponents into best efforts.  Real, honest to goodness fundamental basketball, being played in the NBA!  Will wonders never cease?!

Anyway, great game, up tempo and close the whole time.  And I didn’t see last night’s fight, but I guarantee you Nash is a “bleeder”.  Wow.  He collided with his nose into Parkers’ forehead, and as I’m writing this, the bleeding probably still hasn’t stopped.  Tough guy, that Steve Nash. And the Spurs get out with a Game 1 victory on the road. 

If you had any doubts as to the style of ball in the NBA, get over it.  This league is finally emerging from the ugly, slow down isolation that plagued it for the better part of a decade.  There is some serious ballin’ going down.

Now, with the O’s having a day game tomorrow, I’m all clear for tomorrow night’s Game 1 of Warriors – Jazz.  Giddyup!


Have a safe Monday.  I’ll check back as conditions warrant.