Let Me Guess / Fire The Manage

June 05, 2007 | WNST Interns

I am tired of hearing the fire the manager calls every single time a player blows a game. How about getting Chris Ray to come in and not blow a game? Perlozzo should of never taken Guthrie out of the game. He did. He brought in his closer. His closer blew the game again. Should the Orioles get rid of the closer?
Jay Gibbons is hitting .205, Corey Patterson is hitting .217, Mora .242, and Huff is hitting .244. The Orioles haven’t had a number four hitter since Raffy left in 98. How does Perlozzo continue to lose with studs like this in the line-up?
Have you noticed that since steroid testing, player’s stats are down?
For the record Freddie Bynum is hitting .222. 17 points higher then Jay Gibbons.