Let’s Examine Everythin

June 18, 2007 | WNST Interns

Okay, before we begin "Sam Watch," let’s examine everything. We have a horrible minor league system, we have general managers who are not allowed to make decisions. We have tons of problems in this organization and Sam Perlozzo is only one of them.

Over the past two weeks, it seems that Perlozzo has been the target of everyone who surrounds this team. While I would agree that he could use a breath of fresh air, this team’s problems are organizational. If the O’s fire their embattered Skipper, a new manager does not fix the problems that have plagued this entire franchise. In fact, the problems in this organization could not be fixed this year.

Other than firing Perlozzo, trading Miguel Tejada is the other top solution. Again, that doesn’t solve this organization’s problems either. We do not have another serious middle infielding prospect in the farm system. We don’t have a true power hitter on either the AA or AAA level. We need a powing hitting outfielder and we don’t have that either. I know it’s depressing, but whether we make changes or not, we are who we are.

What firing Perlozzo does is give you about 10 more wins, unless you bring in another Perlozzo. In other words, you can’t bring in another guy who’s a product of this environment. You have to replace everyone with with people who are new to this madness. People who want to come in and put their own prints on this. People who are like Lee Mazzilli. People who want to shake things up and not have the same ole alliances that the current guys have. This thing stinks, and all of these managers and coaches have the stinch on them. No, Mazzilli may not have been the right choice, but I think it was the right direction, minus keeping the same coaches.