LIVE from M&T

December 04, 2007 | WNST Staff

So much for the plan of leaving during the 3rd quarter because we were all told it would be a slaughter.
YES -you self proclaimed fan police-I said it.. I was planning to leave-School night-early work day ect..
Happy to report that ain’t happening!
Yes, Kyle Boller did just throw an interception–BUT what a flippin game this kid has had!!
Looks like a dark under eye circles for my children & I Tuesday.
Not too worry I will just put a little purple next to those eyes and will be fashion icon!
Funny thing today-spotted Mike McCrarey, in the elevator and asked are you going to the big game? “Nah too cold”
OK, his man card is now suspended!!
In the 4th quarter and the Ravens are hangin tough–Stay tough O-LINE!!
As O’ wise one Bob Haynie said ” Ladies & genleman we have a ball game”