Mark Prior and the Orioles

November 28, 2007 | WNST Staff

If you are Andy MacPhail, would Mark Prior be worth the risk of trading for him?
Apparently the Cubs have let is float out that they may be looking to trade him. The Cubs are hoping to sign him to a one year deal with an option for 09, but the thought is that Prior is going to be looking for a long term deal. The Cubs already have multi year deals with Ted Lilly, Carlos Zambrano, and Jason Marquis, and recently resigned Kerry Wood.
If I am Andy MacPhail and you can acquire Prior for a mid level prospect, I would do it. Prior was and I think still can be one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. He has had some injury issues over the years, and when you look at his stats they are pretty solid, also keep in mind that Prior was a guy that MacPhail brought to the Cubs.
With the starting pitching that the O’s look to have right now, with of course trades still possible, you are looking at: Daniel Cabrera, Erik Bedard, Adam Loewen,and Jeremy Guthrie. I think Prior would be a nice fit in that rotation much like Kris Benson was when he was brought here. I know fans will be all giddy and banging the Garrett Olson, Hayden Penn, and name another prospect drum, but I think a guy like Prior would fill in the third or fourth spot very well.
Personally, I think the ship has almost sailed on Cabrera, Loewen has to prove that he is healthy after surgery, and I am not ready to claim Guthrie as the greatest find in baseball history.
So I say if you can get Mark Prior at a reasonable cost, go do it.
What do you think ?