Mask and the bad boy of the UF

June 07, 2007 | WNST Staff

Tomorrow on WNST will feature some guest as they relate to the UFC and mixed martial arts.
Starting tomorrow from 2:30 p.m. to 3, I will sit in with Rob Long and we will discuss the UFC. Our guest tomorrow will be Mask from Tapout. Tapout is a clothing company that sponsors many mixed martial arts fighters, and currently has a show on the Versus network where they find amateur fighters to try and sign to Tapout deals. Tonight will be the second episode of the Tapout show, and they will be going to where Chuck Liddell trains called The Pit
Tapout is one of the top dogs in the mixed martial arts world for their gear. It is almost impossible to watch a UFC event and not see 5-6uys wearing their stuff. I am looking forward to talking to Mask, he is an interesting character.
Then later tomorrow, I will join Michael Popovec around 7:30 as the Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz will be calling in to talk about the UFC, and being the headliner for the UFC PPV in July. Tito has started his own fight gear company, which we will also discuss with him.
Tito has spoken out in the last couple of days about Dana White the UFC president, and one of the UFC’s top stars in Chuck Liddell. Today Tito posted some very interesting comments on his myspace page about his next opponent on July 7th at UFC 73, Rashad Evans.
Speaking of myspace, that is where Tito and his girlfriend adult film star Jenna Jameson meet and set up a date with one another. Jenna is a UFC fan and had meet Tito before, but got in contact with him through myspace to set up a date. The power of the internet these days.
Also hope to have some news about some upcoming UFC events as it relates to the station.
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