MASN and the Raven

May 31, 2007 | WNST Staff

What a great segment that was on MASN last night where they showed Troy Smith going down town to the inner harbor and eating a crab cake, and taking in the sights and sounds. How cool was it to see the segment about Ben Grubbs attending the Orioles game and getting to throw out the first pitch? What was better than when they had Yamon Figurs mic’ed during the rookie camp and he had no idea where places where in the facility ?
MASN is really doing a great job of providing coverage of the Ravens already. Even the segment where they went out to Daniel Wilcox’s golf event and filmed it was really neat. Plus how can you not be excited about the daily coverage they will provide from Training Camp?
Ok, hopefully you realize by now that I am joking about this, and unfortunately it is not funny about the lack of coverage that the home of the Ravens has provided. I know there has been nothing earth shattering out at 1 Winning Drive, but I also know that there are way more people that would be interested in seeing a segment about Troy Smith going to the Inner Harbor than there is to watch ESPNNews, or for that matter half the other programming on that station.
Take a hot second and look at the t.v. schedule and tell me that somewhere in there they could not do a half hour show from or about practice today. Although you have to admit that Boating Today TV and Heartland Poker is pretty good stuff, and if you missed Heartland Poker you will get a chance to watch it again.
I am sure there is probably some contractual reason as to why they have to air these shows.
I know they have a lot of shows planned once the Ravens season starts, or until the Orioles season is over with, like last year. I mean only doing a post game show after home games and not starting it till after baseball season.
You have to give Comcast credit; they always did a nice job with post game shows and special segments. Whether it was Sage Steele doing the piece on Jamal and his trucking business, or if it was Brent Harris proving how out of shape he is when he went through a practice with Bernardo Harris.
Although it is early or at least that is what they would say, I am not impressed with the coverage MASN has given the Ravens.
As fans do you care? Is it frustrating ? Let me know, email me