Maybe It’s An Amateur Thing

July 05, 2007 | WNST Interns

I have a huge "pet peeve" in baseball. It seems that baseball players, in general, don’t hustle. We are often annoyed by Miguel Tejada concerning his "lolly gagging" to first base, but it’s a League thing.

I watched three games today and saw runners ease up out of the batter’s box, while jogging to first base. If you have an injury, and you are doing everything you can to just be in the game, I can understand that. But that isn’t the case with the majority of the MLBers. It’s just plane lazy.

What ever happened to putting pressure on the defense. I know these guys are good, but make them make the perfect throw sometimes. Don’t give them time to field the ball, find the perfect grip, and make an accurate throw. Force that fielder to do it all in one motion, because the runner is "digging" his way to first base. Just a thought.

When’s the last time you’ve seen a quarterback take his time to get seven yards behind the line of scrimmage, carefully find his proper grip, and lob a throw to an intended receiver? That doesn’t happen. I’m not sure if this type of effort happens in any other sport, with the exception of free throw shooting.