McNair’s Loving Brother in Law plus How Much is that Doggie in the Ring

May 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m working on a piece about Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and the racism that seems to envelop the MLB home run record whenever
someone gets close to breaking it but I keep getting sidetracked by all the crazy stories that keep coming down the pike. Speaking of pikes…
Steve McNair handed his brother in law the keys to his car and said "you drive." 
The way I see it, McNair is the money man in the family so it was the obvious choice to let the brother in law drive. If he gets busted for the DUI, no big deal. McNair probably didn’t know about Tennessee’s owner law that made him guilty of a misdemeanor and just did what he thought was smarter. Of course, why were either of them driving? Drunk driving is VERY irresponsible. The brother in law should’ve known better. McNair CERTAINLY should’ve known better. TAKE A FREAKIN’ CAB!!! I wrote about the pitcher Josh Hancock a few days ago. Maybe I’ll send it off to McNair. Along with Hancock’s death certificate.
I don’t know how to hyper-link a blog from the WNST site but READ DREW FORRESTER’S BLOG ABOUT STEVE MCNAIR immediately. It’s an incredible piece of writing. 
Two of Michael Vick’s friends say he has an "affinity" for the dog fighting culture. 
First question…
Who the hell would put "dog fighting" and "culture" in the same phrase?
When I think of culture I think of art museums, book stores and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. I don’t consider watching starved and abused animals try to kill one another as a cultural event.
I mean what is the "dog fighting culture". Do they serve Cabernet at the fights? Is their Gruyere and crackers? 
If Vick did know about this then he should be banned from the NFL. Possibly for life. My brother thinks he should be shunned the way O.J Simpson is shunned. Many dogs were found in ghastly condition and I’m sure many more died either from injury or abuse. 
Or if you don’t want to ban him…
I suggest we take Michael Vick, lock him up in a small confined space for weeks, starve him, beat him until he’s frothing mad and then throw him into a Mixed Martial Arts event only in this event we make it okay for the other guy to stick razor blades between his knuckles. 
I wonder if Vick will have an affinity for that?