Merry Christmas ….. From The Orioles

December 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

One of the easiest and most thought provoking things to do is criticize the actions of others. Especially, when those actions are tied to “competition” and the challenge of succeeding at the most elite level in sports.

Picking apart the Ravens and Orioles for on-field blunders, sub-par efforts and a lackluster talent base is a normal, everyday occurrence for many of us. Coupled with our criticisms of management and players by their off-field decorum (ie – Bashing Your Boss At Your Ribs Joint OR Getting Chummy With Melissa Midwest) ….. we’ve had ample opportunities to chastise the home teams. No big deal ….. they’ve deserved it.

However, I think we also assume the responsibility to pay equal attention to the good things that happen and the selfless deeds that occur. And, today, that’s exactly what happened for four “less fortunate” Baltimore-area families.

In conjunction with the Orioles’ Annual Holiday Party, second baseman Brian Roberts took the families Christmas shopping, at a Walmart, in Port Covington. Although, I browsed local television news programs, I’ve been unable to find any footage of the event.

It appears this experience was not widely publicized, and in the spirit of true charitable causes ….. that’s a noble thing. With the exception of a small blurb on the Orioles website, I’ve been unsuccessful in learning much about this endeavor. The actual web article, gives as much credit to the Baltimore Police and Fire Departments, as partnered agencies for this worthwhile effort.

If you’ve read this much, there’s really not much more to say. It was simply a nice thing to do. It doesn’t change the direction of the team, from competitive a standpoint. However, it does say something about the relationship with the community they represent.

Thanks, Orioles.