Michael Ross says Baltimore Center Stage keeping virtual doors open for storytelling

April 12, 2020 | WNST Audio

Michael Ross of Baltimore Center Stage joined Nestor and Don on Baltimore Positive as they discussed how Baltimore Center Stage is pivoting during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re a gathering place,” Ross said. “Something we pride ourselves on is how community gathers together and laughs together, cries together, sings together…we’re about live, it’s in the moment, created for you, as you are together with us at Center Stage. So yes, the idea that we couldn’t gather people through us for a huge loop, obviously.”

Like many other business owners and leaders that we’ve spoken to, Michael and the folks at Baltimore Center Stage are doing their best to use this time wisely and determine how they can grow and become an even better local institution…

“What’s the core of what we do? Before all this was happening, we’ve been having a lot of these conversations among ourselves,” Ross said. “hat is our impact? What is it we’re delivering and how best can we deliver that? What is theatre? Theatre is storytelling, and has always been storytelling. We quickly pivoted to say, well, what can we do? We hate to think about our doors being closed. We like to think that we’re open for storytelling.”

Michael continues to take Nestor and Don behind the scenes of Baltimore Center Stage and shares how they are helping the local community during these trying times.

To hear Michael Ross’ full conversation with Nestor and Don, listen here: